Mixed Size Electroplated Glass Mosaic – Multidimensional Vision Series WB22-A0


Mixed Size Electroplated Glass Mosaic – Multidimensional Vision Series WB22-A0

Brand Name: Walt Mosaic

Model Number: WB22-A0

Application: kitchen, bathroom, walls and floors, swimming pools, fireplace surrounds, patios, garden paths, exterior, interior, ceiling, furniture, hallways, foyers, spa, wellness centers etc

Function: Waterproof, Moisture-Proof, Mould-Proof, Fireproof, Heat Insulation

Additional information

mixed size electroplated glass mosaic multidimensional vision series wb22 a0

Products Details:

Welcome to our Multidimensional Vision Series. This mixed-size electroplated glass mosaic will bring you a unique visual experience. We carefully selected three different sizes of glass particles, namely 2323mm, 2348mm, and 48*48mm. The mixture of these three sizes forms a richly layered, visually dynamic mosaic design.

Another major feature of this mosaic is its combination of flat and concave-convex design. This unique mixed design not only increases the depth of the mosaic’s visual sense but also creates fascinating light and shadow effects under different lighting conditions. Whether it’s transparent or black, this electroplated glass mosaic can show a sense of elegance and modern beauty.

Whether it’s decorating your living room, bathroom, or commercial space, this mixed-size electroplated glass mosaic can add a sense of sophistication and modern style to your space.

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