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About Walt Mosaic

Since its inception, Walt Mosaic has been dedicated to providing the highest quality mosaic products and unparalleled service. We are a trading company based in Foshan, China, committed to providing standard and custom mosaics for global B2B customers and engineering projects.

The product line of Walt Mosaic encompasses a variety of styles and designs, each reflecting our meticulous pursuit of details and craftsmanship. Our standard mosaic products have won the trust of customers with their quality, efficiency, and economic features. At the same time, our custom service can meet unique customer needs, allowing their imagination to be realized in mosaics.

Our team is composed of professional designers, technicians, and sales staff, who are committed to providing the best solutions for each customer, no matter how complex or unique their needs are. We always believe that every piece of mosaic has its special story and meaning, and our mission is to help you tell this story.

As a mosaic supplier, Walt Mosaic has always upheld a firm commitment to product quality, customer service, and innovation. We look forward to working with you to create more beautiful spaces.

Abundant products: At Walt Mosaic, we boast a vast selection of mosaic series, ranging from Glass and Crystal Mosaics to Ceramic and Art Mosaics, and beyond. Our diverse portfolio ensures that whatever your mosaic need may be, we’ve got you covered. Explore our expansive range and discover the mosaic that’s just right for you.

1.abundant products

Professional productionExceptional products demand exceptional equipment. At Walt Mosaic, we employ professional machinery for mosaic production and uphold stringent standards at every stage of the manufacturing process. Whether it’s for standard or custom mosaics, our unwavering dedication to quality ensures we deliver nothing short of excellence.

2.professional production

Reliable Packaging and Delivery: Serving customers around the globe, we understand the importance of ensuring your mosaics arrive safely and in excellent condition. From carton to pallet, and finally to container, we meticulously manage every stage of packaging. Our commitment is to deliver your order intact and on time, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction upon arrival.

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Experienced Team: With Walt Mosaic, you’re partnering with a skilled team dedicated to providing premium service. We offer expert advice on the optimal design, color, and material choices for your unique project. Furthermore, we draft designs for your approval, ensuring your vision is captured perfectly. Our goal is to simplify your work and exceed your expectations with our exceptional service.

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