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All kinds of mosaics designs with different materials, shapes, sizes etc

2. customize the mosaic

Custom Mosaic

Our customized mosaic service is focused on delivering personalized solutions that meet your market demands and engineering designs. Whether it’s meeting the specific market needs of B2B customers or the particular project styles of engineering clients, we provide professional and precise mosaic customization services. Choose us, and let your unique mosaic needs be realized.

2. mosaic in stock

Standard Mosaic

As a professional trader, our standard mosaic products stand for quality, efficiency, and affordability. We strive to support your business success by consolidating orders for the best prices, implementing strict quality checks, and cooperating with various factories to ensure flexible delivery schedules. Choose us to provide professional and convenient solutions for your mosaic needs.

Mosaic Series

Crystal Mosaic

Stone Mosaic

Aluminum Mosaic

Copper Mosaic

Stainless Steel Mosaic

Ceramic Mosaic

Shell Mosaic

Wood Mosaic

Glass Mosaic

Mixed Mosaic

Puzzel Art Mosaic

Hand-cut Art Mosaic

Customize Mosaic is welcome here

Walt Mosaic specializes in custom-made mosaic tiles to showcase your brand or projects. Our exceptional OEM and ODM capabilities are tailored to your needs to suit any business lead or theme.

3.1 material


3.2 texture


3.3 color


3.4 shape


3.5 size


3.6 treatment


3.7 patern


3.8 packaging


Easy to use customization service that offers convenient and empowering options


share idea with us of the mosaic tiles: material, color, size, shape, treatment, packaging etc.



with each specification confirmed, our design team will work with you to improve the idea of your mosaic tiles.



offer a quote based on the design specifications of your project.



will send you a free sample of your custom mosaic tiles before mass production begins to show you if there are any changes to be made.



5.Once we receive your approval for the sample, will start the mass production.

Mass Production


Mosaic tiles are well-packed in custom packaging/common natural packaging and shipped after final inspection.


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Our Happy Customers from 60+ Countries

Our new project required a unique mosaic design, and this company not only delivered what we wanted but also provided exceptional service throughout the process. Our clients were extremely satisfied with the end result.
5.1 mr. robert johnson ceo
Mr. Robert Johnson
We have been working with this company for a while, and their standard mosaic products always meet our needs. Their quality inspection process gives us confidence, knowing that we are getting the best products.
5.2 ms. emily thompson procerement manager
Ms. Emily Thompson
Procurement Manager
The standard mosaic products this company provides are reasonably priced and of excellent quality. I am impressed with their delivery schedule management, which makes our work much easier.
5.4 ms. jessica miller business manager
Ms. Jessica Miller
Business Manager
We just completed a large-scale engineering project, and their custom mosaic service helped us realize our design vision. Their team are true professionals. I highly recommend their services.
5.3 mr. william davis project manager
Mr. William Davis
Project Manager

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