Gold and Silver Electroplated Glass Mosaic Tiles WB33

Brand Name: Walt Mosaic

Model Number:WB33

Application: kitchen, bathroom, walls and floors, swimming pools, fireplace surrounds, patios, garden paths, exterior, interior, ceiling, furniture, hallways, foyers, spa, wellness centers etc

Function: Waterproof, Moisture-Proof, Mould-Proof, Fireproof, Heat Insulation

Additional information

gold and silver electroplated glass mosaic tiles wb06 a3

Products Details:

Appreciate our Gold and Silver Electroplated Glass Mosaic Tiles, a unique mosaic with granule sizes of 15*15mm and a thickness option of 6mm or 8mm. Its special electroplating technique gives it a choice of gold or silver, both of which have strong appeal.

The surface of this mosaic’s glass can be flat or textured, providing greater flexibility in design and meeting various decorative needs.

More importantly, this electroplated glass mosaic shimmers like gold or silver under light refraction, adding a luxurious ambiance to your space. Whether used in a commercial setting or for home decor, this Gold and Silver Electroplated Glass Mosaic Tile is a unique, chic, and appealing choice.

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