Hexagonal Glass Mosaic with Mixed Finish WB17-A2


Hexagonal Glass Mosaic with Mixed Finish WB17-A2

Brand Name: Walt Mosaic

Model Number:WB17-A2

Application: kitchen, bathroom, walls and floors, swimming pools, fireplace surrounds, patios, garden paths, exterior, interior, ceiling, furniture, hallways, foyers, spa, wellness centers etc

Function: Waterproof, Moisture-Proof, Mould-Proof, Fireproof, Heat Insulation

Additional information

hexagonal glass mosaic with mixed finish wb17 a2

Products Details:

The special feature of this hexagonal glass mosaic lies in its mixed material surface treatment. Each mosaic piece incorporates both matte and glossy designs, creating a unique visual effect with the luster under the smooth surface and subtle texture changes brought by the matte surface.

The pattern of this mosaic is a repeating hexagon. The regular and neat shape not only enhances the overall harmony of the space but also adds a unique modern aesthetic. Whether it is used for walls, floors, or other decorative surfaces, this mosaic can provide excellent effects.

Hexagonal glass mosaic is a highly creative design, and the combination of matte and gloss enhances its visual depth, adding a rich texture and visual interest to any space. The unique design language makes your decorative space shine with unusual beauty.

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