Hexagonal Carrara Marble Pattern Glass Mosaic WB17-A0


Hexagonal Carrara Marble Pattern Glass Mosaic WB17-A0

Brand Name: Walt Mosaic

Model Number: WB17-A0

Application: kitchen, bathroom, walls and floors, swimming pools, fireplace surrounds, patios, garden paths, exterior, interior, ceiling, furniture, hallways, foyers, spa, wellness centers etc

Function: Waterproof, Moisture-Proof, Mould-Proof, Fireproof, Heat Insulation

Additional information

hexagonal carrara marble pattern glass mosaic wb17 a0

Products Details:

This hexagonal glass mosaic is full of modernity and uniqueness. Inspired by the natural Carrara marble, its unique texture and bright white base are perfectly replicated on this mosaic, bringing you an elegant and noble experience. A special feature of the product is the pattern sandwiched at the bottom of the glass, which can protect the durability of the pattern and prevent it from wearing or fading over time.

This hexagonal mosaic is not only suitable for bathroom or kitchen decoration, but also as an innovative element of interior design, making the space exude a sense of fashion and art. More importantly, it can match well with various colors and decoration styles, allowing you to create personalized living space according to your preferences.

This mosaic has excellent texture and delicate feel, through careful grinding and polishing, each tile shines with unique light, making it show its best appearance under any light. The unique design and fine craftsmanship of the “Hexagonal Carrara Marble Pattern Glass Mosaic” will bring you an extraordinary experience.

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