How The Rich Decorate Room into Swimming Pool ?

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Hi! Dear Walt fans, I'm glad to meet you again! Today, I'd like to talk to you about how rich people decorate their rooms? In addition to luxurious decoration materials and top furniture configuration, is there anything different?

Hi! Dear Walt fans, I’m glad to meet you again! Today, I’d like to talk to you about how rich people decorate their rooms? In addition to luxurious decoration materials and top furniture configuration, is there anything different?

▼ outdoor swimming pool outdoor courtyard and swimming pool are standard for the rich. One courtyard and one swimming pool make life more quality.

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However, outdoor swimming pools often have some disadvantages, such as being too dry in summer and too cold in winter. There is not much time that can be used all year round. During the period when it can’t be used, it still needs to be cleaned and maintained.

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There are many shapes of swimming pools. In addition to normal swimming pools, many outdoor swimming pools also have very good viewing.

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▼ in addition to outdoor swimming pools, semi-open swimming pools can also be considered. Compared with the fully open swimming pool, such a swimming pool can first avoid the problem of direct sunlight, which can not only ensure the lighting of the space but also protect against sun and frost to a certain extent.

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In addition to the semi-open swimming pool, it can also be equipped with a sofa and dining table. It is also very romantic to have a candlelight dinner in such a space.

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▼ indoor swimming pool – basement swimming pool placing the swimming pool in the house is a very good choice. It can not only maintain constant temperature and humidity but also ensure privacy and security. Rich people can join the planning of such an indoor swimming pool at home. The indoor swimming pool can be placed under the first-floor platform, that is, the space of the semi-sunken basement.

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▼ the swimming pool of super seven-star Hotels with boundless beauty. The swimming pool inspiration of rich people also comes from the swimming pool inspiration of super high-end hotels all over the world. The swimming pool is integrated with the blue of the sky and the sea. In such a swimming pool, the swimming party pays to swim on the beach and in the sky.

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Mountain swimming pool, where you can sit in the whole mountain forest and enjoy wholeheartedly relaxation and enjoyment. The feeling of integrating the swimming pool with the environment is a more grounded and spiritual design. Therefore, in contrast to the design of the swimming pool at home, functionality is very important, but the environmental layout is more important.

▼ Mini swimming pool = super large bathtub. If you can’t own a swimming pool because of limited space or budget, you can also buy a super large bathtub to meet the fun of bathing. Even if you can’t become rich, you can’t lower your living standard.

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In addition to the independent bathtub, you can also put the bathtub and shower together.

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The shape can also be selected according to the actual situation of the home and their own preferences. It is not necessarily a regular rectangle or circle, but also a radian or even a cloud. Now there are many personalized bathtub functions, such as wave-making function and constant temperature function. Ben meow feels that having such a bathtub does not have to be bad for the indoor swimming pool!

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All right! Pay attention to Walt mosaic, home decoration has no trouble. What kind of indoor swimming pool do you like? What kind of big bathtub makes you excited about it? Welcome to leave a message and share your home decoration experience with us!


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